6- If you haven't set up the Plex server yet with your Plex account, you should see the "No Servers Found" message. We will talk about setting up the server later. For now, click Continue. 7- This is the home screen of the Plex app on FireStick after the setup.

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Sep 20, 2017

On your source Plex Media Server, you'll want to disable the Empty trash automatically after every scan preference for the Server. Related Page: Library. Install Plex Media Server on the Destination System. Install the Plex Media Server on the new computer/system. If the setup wizard in the browser launches, just exit out. There are a few important things to note about running Plex Media Server on a My Cloud Home device that differ from running on other devices. For the initial installation and setup, you must be on the same local network and subnet as the My Cloud Home device. A free Plex account is required to run the server. Select Install from within the Plex app screen and let the TV install the app. Select Plex from your app list to open. Log in to Plex using the same credentials you use on your Plex Media Server. Once you log into Plex, the app should begin populating your libraries and media from the Plex Media Server if it is running. Once your Plex Media Server is set up, the library will be discoverable via most internet-connected devices in your household. On the TV side, the Shield comes with the Android TV Plex app pre

Should I buy a 1TB SSD for my Plex Setup? I currently have an 8TB HDD. The problem I have is that my server is in the room I am sleeping in. The noise of the HDD gives me a hard time falling asleep at night. I can swap the HDD for an 1TB SSD. Should I do it? I currently have 4TB used but mostly with shows I wouldnt watch anyway.

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