Q&A: Can I use two network adapters to double my Internet

If both network subnets are on the same wiring scheme then you can simply add the two networks to the same interface and use routing rule to ensure WAN traffic is passed to your external gateway. Two Ethernet cards --card #1 to Internet / #2 dedicated to Jan 31, 2015 How To Join Two Wi-Fi Networks at Once - Speedify

On Windows 2003 Server, we have 2 network cards and it's easy to open different ports to the different network cards. I'm trying to do the same on a Windows 2008 Server, I've discovered Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, but can't see where (or if) we can restrict the ports on the second network card.

[SOLVED] How can I route traffic between two network Jan 20, 2017 Can I install two LAN cards in my desktop and connect two Yes, you can all you need to do is bridge both the connections. There can be only one network bridge on a computer, but the bridge can have any number of connections. 1. Install both NIC cards. 2. Connect them to internet 3. Open Network and Shari

Apr 24, 2019 · I have two network cards, the first is connected to Router and internet, the secon has a WebCam attached. The broblem is that I can't access WebCam from other Computers on the network. First network Card has IP, the second card has an IP I enabled net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 by editing /etc/sysctl.conf

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