Windows L2TP users cannot connect, Windows shows error 809

A fix for Error 720: A Connection to the remote computer Jun 09, 2011 Error 720 | My Private Network | Global VPN Service Provider If you continue to have problems, please try our alternative VPN technology that uses the SSL protocol. This usually performs better in circumstances where users are having difficulty using our standard VPN. Full instructions for setting up your connection via SSL can be found on the following links: Windows XP. Windows Vista. Windows 7 Windows 8 VPN Connection via PPTP ERROR:720 | Windows 8 Help Forums Jan 24, 2013 Errores (720 o 691) al intentar realizar una conexión VPN

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Jul 08, 2020

With the VPN Error 720 (error 720 VPN) error you will also see the words No PPP control protocols configured. This happens when a Windows user doesn’t have enough protocol support to communicate with the server. To fix error 720 VPN problem, you will need to find out which of the VPN protocols are supported by the server. How To Fix VPN Error 720 (error 720 vpn) | Wiknix Jul 08, 2020 How to Fix VPN Error 720 - Resolve VPN IP Related Issues Apr 24, 2019