Enabled means you can connect to people that have it forced/enabled/disabled on their end, hence you'll connect to more peers. (in uT this is under Preferences/Bittorrent) Make sure you're not using any sort of blocklists (Peerblock, etc.). Those don't do anything to protect you but they will disrupt your ability to seed to all peers. See rule #7.

uTorrent is connected to 10 peers, qBitTorrent connects to 6-7 peers. Both allow uTP, although uTorrent doesn't allow uTP outgoingso uTorrent should have fewer peers. uTorrent is also using initial seeding mode, which can cause peers to disconnect "in disgust" from getting nothing from it for hours. uTorrent is also set to not connect outgoing to listening ports often used for other services and/or prone to DoS … UTORRENT CONNECTING TO PEERS PROBLEM FIX 3.4.9 - … Jan 08, 2017 qBittorrent not connecting to any peers, cannot seed at Jul 18, 2018


Ok so my utorrent won't connect to peers. No matter what torrent I use, it's always stuck at "Finding Peers". My firewall allows both utorrent and bittorrent and neither work. The torrent I'm downloading has seeders: 1324 and leechers: 228. Under the trackers tab, this is what happens: Name Status Update In Seeds Peers Downloaded Lot of my friends suggested that uTorrent is the best application for downloading torrents online and hence I downloaded it on my computer. I installed but I am not able to download any torrents as the uTorrent is not able to connect to any seeds or peers. I cant figure out why I am facing such errors and hence need your help in solving the issue. i cannot connect to any peers on utorrent on any new torrent i start at alli have one old torrent that i started a few days ago which is now stalled at 90% even though there are 6 seeds and 16

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My uTorrent has been broken for a few days. I haven't used in in maybe a month, so I'm not sure what happened. My torrents just sit at "Connecting to Peers" forever. Torrents I know are active. Anyone know how to fix? I've gone through several threads from different forums found in a google search, but nothing has worked so far. utorrent wont connect to peers? | Yahoo Answers Feb 21, 2013 utorrent connecting problems. - Proxy Questions and