How to Make Private Browsing on Safari Truly Private

Apple Pay Stripe webpage use only displays in Safari We implemented a stripe payment request button on a webpage and are not able to get it to display using normal safari on iPhone or mac. it will only show apple pay in private browsing! Anyone have How to Make Safari’s Private Browsing Feature Actually Private Dec 13, 2019

Dec 14, 2019

Option 3: Use Safari in Private Browsing Mode. In Private Browsing mode, Safari’s behavior changes to protect your privacy. Safari will never open a private browsing link in its associated app before asking you first. This helps protect your privacy—after all, you may be …

Jan 09, 2018

Private Browsing In Safari On iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Oct 09, 2017 Protect Your Privacy with Private Browsing In Safari Feb 05, 2019